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Bahr is an award winning winery based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. We produce boutique wines in small lots sourced all throughout northern California's wine country. This allows us to carefully select the fruit of choice from some of the best vineyards in the region and to pay particular attention to detail on every step as we transform our fruit into wine.

Our mission is to simplify wine. Bahr strives for unique blends that may stand as common pillars among the palates of all drinkers. A simple body with a brilliant personality, our blends finish smooth and uninterrupted. This is our passion and we love our wines. We sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as we do here at Bahr Winery. Cheers!

Premium wine comes from premium fruit. We choose some of the best vineyards in the valley.

Approaching each step with fine tuned style and grace makes all the difference towards achieving our end result.

The awards speak to our success!

California Wine
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